Who am I?

I am HOT Auto.

I help make cars
fun to drive.

Hi, my name is Wayne, and I am the owner of Hold On Tight Auto Services.

Meet my little fella, his name is Disi. He is actually named after the Mazda CX7 2.3L DISI turbo engine. Together, we bring to you solutions for your Mazda.


I started HOT Auto back in 2008, when it was my goal to bring flash tuning to the Mazda platform.

It was a big task back then, and as it it turned out, more than I could have imagined. There were so many hurdles and obstacles, the idea of commercially tuning the Mazda CX7 and MPS platforms was just too great for me.

So I decided that for me to make a difference in the Car Enthusiast Community, I'd go it alone. I would make my own tunes, and start giving them away to those that wanted them for free.

And what do I mean by free?

These days, I use easily available software and hardware to flash tune my Mazdas. And all the files I design (except those I feel are not really usable) are available to you to use on your own car as you see fit. I'll also give you a stock file, so you can easily make comparisons and understand what was done.

I believe 100% that not all businesses that profess to be "Flash Tuners" really understand what they are doing. Instead, they use off the shelf tunes they simply copy and paste into your file. And they charge you a bundle for the privalege.Well, now you can do that too. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist.

I am not going to tell you I am an Expert. Far from it. But I will say that I endeavour to be sensible in how I set files up. Not using insane targets.

I have absolutely tested each file on my own car. The files I offer for the Gen 1 CX7 and the new CX5 SkyActiv-D Diesels were used by me on my own cars for over a year without any issues. They have also been used by a number of people around the world.

They do actually work.

I have been on the inside of the Flash Tuner's world. And it can be really nasty. I have even been threatened by some businesses for just trying to offer people a solution for their cars. But despite that, I will continue to try and break down some of the mysteries of this "Black Art" and give my files away for free.

Just beacause you can highlight a slab of data and add 10%, doesn't make you a professional tuner. You need to think about how that person uses his car, and understand their needs.

In the end, always ask questions, and if you don't get a sensible answer.... Walk away..!!!

Remember, it's your car. You decide what happens. Not someone else.